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We provide On-Site repair facility for your leather furniture and leather car seats. You can contact us and just leave a address, Our expert will provide you a detail report.

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Feel free to leave a message or contact us for a Enquiry. We will response within minutes. Our online support will be with you to provide you with answers of your queries.

About Us

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Leather Repairs Manchester is the company for you if you're looking for care, repair or ongoing maintenance for any type of leather goods and furniture.

Leather Repairs Manchester .

Mobile leather repair in Manchester - cleaning, repairs and protection for your leather furniture and upholstery

Whether you have invested in a beautiful new leather suite or a one of a kind antique leather chair for your study, you will want to ensure that the leather stays look its best. We offer leather repair in Manchester that gives you total peace of mind should your leather become damaged or simply look a little worse for wear.

Even though leather is one of the most versatile and durable of natural materials, it is not immune to damage. The good news is that our leather repair team has years of experience in repairs and leather cleaning in Manchester and we would be delighted to restore your furniture back to its former glory. We can also carry out leather repairs and cleaning to leather car interiors so please get in touch if your leather seats or trims need attention.

Leather cleaning in Manchester that ensures fabulous results

When you use your leather furniture every day it is no great surprise when it starts to lose its shine and natural beauty. Oils from the skin, dyes from clothes and just general dirt and grime can build up on the surface of your leather leading to a dull appearance. We use some of the most effective yet gentle leather cleaning products on the market today and we will bring back the shine and lustre of your leather in no time. We can also remove stains and reapply leather dye where it has worn away.

Affordable and professional sofa repairs in Manchester - Don't replace when we can repair

Scratches, scuff marks, stains and faded patches can all ruin the appearance of your leather furniture but it doesn't mean you have to consider replacing it. Our customers are amazed at the difference our leather sofa repairs can make and we would be delighted to show you what we can do. Why spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on new leather furniture when our leather repair in Manchester can take care of the damage and general wear and tear your furniture has experienced?

Speak to our leather repair experts today - our mobile team covers your area and offers excellent service

We are proud of our leather repair service and the reputation we have built over the years. Why not give our team a call today to book an appointment with one of our leather repair and cleaning specialists? We can give you a cost effective quote to consider at your leisure and restore your furniture or car interior back to pristine condition.