You love your leather. When you chose leather for your sofa, chairs or car seats, you chose it for the beauty, value and style it brings. You spent a lot of time and money to get just the right leather to suit your tastes, and now you want to ensure it will last for a lifetime. Even if you manage to avoid mishaps that can scuff, scratch or rip your precious leather, there may come a time when you need expert leather cleaning and care. Trust the team at Leather Repairs Manchester.


All leather can suffer the signs of aging as time goes by. Dirt, hair and body oils build up deep in leather’s pores, while sunlight and daily use slowly wear away at colour and shine. To keep your leather looking and feeling as good as it did when you first bought it, trust the expert leather cleaning and care team at Leather Repairs Manchester. We’ll visit you to help lengthen the life of your leather.

When your leather sofa, chairs or car seats start to look faded, stained or worn, you may think that throwing them out and shopping for new leather is the best option you have. Before you give up on less than pristine leather, let the team at Leather Repairs Manchester provide you with expert leather cleaning and care treatments designed to bring new life to your tired leather.

Our leather cleaning experts start with a pre-cleaning treatment that will gently remove all surface dirt and loose dust without any damage to your precious leather. From there, we provide a special deep cleaning treatment that goes deep into leather’s pores to remove built up dirt without harming colour or finish. If needed, we can also renew or update faded colour and treat your leather to strengthen it against damage for years to come.

Don’t let tired, stained or shabby leather detract from the style of your home, car or office. Call the expert leather cleaning team at Leather Repairs Manchester to renew tired leather, remove stubborn stains and restore beauty and shine to your sofas, chairs and car seats. We work on-site at your home or workplace and we can promise you’ll love our results. Call now to book.